Choosing the right toothbrush

Brush up on your technique

Choosing the right toothbrush can seem daunting when you’re standing in the grocery isle before the parade of Star Wars brushes with sonic power, dual-speed rotating heads, triple action bristles and zippy ergonomic grips.

Should you splurge on an electric rechargeable or try the battery-operated one first? Would you prefer a rotating or vibrating head? How about the check and tongue cleaner, or the one that polishes stains and massages gums? Or will you just toss another medium-sized, medium bristle manual brush into the cart until next time.

The express lane answer, for those who read no further, is a soft bristle brush with a head that fits the size of your mouth.

But as I found out on this story assigned for Oral Health Month in April, dental experts say it’s the using, not the choosing, that matters most. Read on to find out which brushing technique is right for you.

Proper brushing is a very individual practice

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