Eating at Scottsdale’s minty-cool The Saguaro

Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows....everywhere This is my first restaurant review and I'm not even going to write about the food. My husband and I had booked a table at the Distrito restaurant for Easter Sunday brunch on a tip from my local PR contact to check out The Saguaro Scottsdale. (That's pronounced sah-warh-oh, after the desert... Continue Reading →

Great golf is just the beginning at Desert Mountain in Scottsdale

In this golf-given land of Arizona, there is golf and then there is great golf. Mountain vistas and vally views are plentiful playing golf around Phoenix, but this was the first time the beautiful scenery took over my golf game.  My husband and I were playing  with the director of golf at Desert Mountain in North Scottsdale. High in... Continue Reading →

Choosing the right toothbrush

Brush up on your technique Choosing the right toothbrush can seem daunting when you're standing in the grocery isle before the parade of Star Wars brushes with sonic power, dual-speed rotating heads, triple action bristles and zippy ergonomic grips. Should you splurge on an electric rechargeable or try the battery-operated one first? Would you prefer... Continue Reading →

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