Lens replacement not just for seniors

My vision started to decline in Grade 4. At least that's when I got my first pair of sparkly blue glasses. Forty years later I had this eye procedure that replaces your natural lenses with prescription lenses. It's called Refractive Lens Exchange. It's the same surgery my parents had to remove cataracts, except my new multifocal, interocular lens implant corrected... Continue Reading →

Salad on your doorstep

  Last year I wrote about the return of the vegetable gardening . But this is not your mother's veggie patch - this is boomer style - from your patio or deck. What will be in your salad this summer? Basil is one of my favourites.

Smitten by Savannah

Now this has to be one of my favourite little vacation spots. I was smitten by Savannah, the 300-year-old southern belle of Georgia. Savour the history while wandering through the town made famous by the bestselling book and movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. You'll never guess where we found the Bird... Continue Reading →

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