What will World War III look like?

If we are all fighting this novel germ warfare, then we need to act like soldiers and obey our commanding officers. Staying home indefinitely may be the hardest order you've ever been given. And the most critical.

Japan’s Enduring Beauty

I used to think of Japan as an almost mythical place where exotic goods came from, but few ever went. Once there, I realized this insular society has been cultivating an eye for beauty for centuries.

Ageless in an Aging Society

We are living longer and in better health. It's time to redefine what it means to grow old in today's society.

Yoga reveals universal truths to a weekend warrior

Over the years of yoga practice, I have learned to listen to my body to avoid injury, and my body is telling me it has no intention of doing this next movement. Today's class had a lesson I wasn't expecting.

Thinking Creatively about Living and Dying

Is death a right? Should we be able to decide when to die if terminally ill? I've been following the debate in Canada on whether to legalize assisted dying, or doctor-assisted suicide, or whether to pour more money into palliative, end-of-life care. I'm quite certain there won't be enough hospices or hospital beds for my... Continue Reading →

My Proof of Heaven

Now that she’s gone, I feel closer to my Mom than I did when she was alive. My Mom’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease ended Nov 15, 2011, but the insipid disease took her from me long before she left this world. She was robbed of her identity, her personality, her memory and her ability to... Continue Reading →

Choosing the right toothbrush

Brush up on your technique Choosing the right toothbrush can seem daunting when you're standing in the grocery isle before the parade of Star Wars brushes with sonic power, dual-speed rotating heads, triple action bristles and zippy ergonomic grips. Should you splurge on an electric rechargeable or try the battery-operated one first? Would you prefer... Continue Reading →

Edmonton donor supports develoment of groundbreaking radiation treatment

  When I inteviewed Southpark Motors former owner Hugh Mccoll for this story on donors, I not only discovered this couple's lifetime of generosity to our community, I discovered what medical physicists at Edmonton's Cross Cancer Institute were up to. They're developing a prototype of the world's first hybrid 3D-MRI machine that can capture an image of... Continue Reading →

All that glitters is not gold at Sparkling Hill Resort

All that glitters is definitely not gold at the new Sparkling Hill Resort in Vernon, B.C. It's crystal all the way. About 3.5 million crystals worth $10 million to be precise. We just returned from a beautiful long, long September weekend at this wellness hotel sitting atop a mountain near Predator Ridge Golf Resort off... Continue Reading →

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