Bear spotting in Jasper National Park

Town's mascot Jasper the Bear comes to life   We didn't have to go into the woods to see a bear on this trip to Jasper. It ambled out to greet us as we slowed down to pass through the east entrance  of the National Park gate. Not 50 metres ahead on our left something big... Continue Reading →

Eating at Scottsdale’s minty-cool The Saguaro

Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows....everywhere This is my first restaurant review and I'm not even going to write about the food. My husband and I had booked a table at the Distrito restaurant for Easter Sunday brunch on a tip from my local PR contact to check out The Saguaro Scottsdale. (That's pronounced sah-warh-oh, after the desert... Continue Reading →

Escape to Alcatraz

The TV show is fictional, but the jail cells are real I happened to flip to an episode of Alcatraz the other night just as an inmate was using his cell wall for a punching bag. I recognized the narrow 9’x 5’ cell in this notorious penitentiary, but it was definitely not the cell I... Continue Reading →

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