Biking through wine country

Having first seen Hitchcock's film The Birds at an impressionable young age, I was delighted to discover the route of our bike tour through renowned counties of Northern California would take us right past the old church and schoolhouse  on our way to the Bodega Bay, CA. For six days, we cycled four hours a... Continue Reading →

City of the Future

I have seen the city of the future, and it looks a lot like the past, only greener. The prototype city of the future is in the high semi desert of central Arizona, and for the past 40 years, students and professionals have come to lend a hand in the creation of this future world city. Some say... Continue Reading →

Hillside hamlet favourite haunt for ghostseekers

The young woman at the registration desk reached around behind her, plucked a room key from the hook beside the cubbyhole and hesitantly handed it to me. "This is Room 32, It's one of our most 'active' rooms. I shouldn't be doing this, so please bring it right back."

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