Sweater Weather in Phoenix keeps Canadians coming back

Going south for the winter is like slipping through a tear in the fabric of seasons where, magically, fall is knitted to spring by nothing more than a comfy sweater. With 320 Vitamin D days a year and joint-salving temperatures reaching the high 60s, sweater weather is why Canadians winter in Phoenix. Just ask the... Continue Reading →

Closing your second home for the summer

If you own a second home in one of the sunny southern sunbelt destinations like Arizona or Florida, you may be closing it for the summer and returning north for a Canadian summer. But who's watching your home while you're gone? I interviewed a women who has a home watch service in Phoenix and her tips on closing up your... Continue Reading →

Broken up about the end of Medium

I can't believe how jilted I'm feeling this morning after watching the final episode of Medium last night. I had no idea it was coming. I feel like a teenager in junior high whose been going around with some guy for an eternal month and then out of the blue he wants his oversized friendship ring... Continue Reading →

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