Albertans hold the lead in buying Arizona property

The number of Canadians  buying property in Arizona has nearly doubled from 2009 to 2011, according to a local Phoenix market reserch company, with Albertans holding the lead. And today's stormy global stock markets  may be spurring even more and younger Canadians to invest in the beleaguered sunbelt's housing market. Here's an update on the Phoenix real estate market and some people... Continue Reading →

Scottsdale offering up some real estate gems

Some say the best time to buy a home south of the border is in the dead of the summer, when it's too hot to look for deals. (Sort of like buying a home in January in Canada.) Scottsdale, one of the most expensive real estate markets in America, has been hit by the housing... Continue Reading →

Closing your second home for the summer

If you own a second home in one of the sunny southern sunbelt destinations like Arizona or Florida, you may be closing it for the summer and returning north for a Canadian summer. But who's watching your home while you're gone? I interviewed a women who has a home watch service in Phoenix and her tips on closing up your... Continue Reading →

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